Beretta 92/96/98/M9 Full Size Grip Rosewood (STARS CROWN, Resident Evil, Raccoon Cty) Ksd Grips

$105,00 $84,00

 Brand            : BERETTA

Model             : 92 & 96 & 98 & M9 Full Size

Material         : Rosewood

Custom Image: Pure Brass /Raccoon Police emblem

 (STARS CROWN, Resident Evil, Raccoon Cty, Samurai Edge) 

   High quality KSD Grips made with premium craftsmanship. Walnut, Rosewood, Thuja, Root Walnut, Black Walnut, Acrylic (White, Black, Ivory), Mother-of-Pearl, Micarta, Cocobolo etc. in the production of our Gun Handles. materials are used. All of our products can be personalized with laser engraving, pure silver and pure brass, logo or lettering. You can send an e-mail to for your personal design requests.

   Personalization: You can change/remove plaid pattern(s), customize your logo(s), custom logo(s), initials, name(s), slogan, etc. we can add. Additional fees apply.

   Customization material: Brass, Laser engraving, Silver, Gold Plated, Gold

   Precision craftsmanship: 20 years of experienced craftsmanship with up-to-date machinery and equipment

   Customer Satisfaction: Hassle-free return and exchange policy

   Wood grains and color may vary due to natural reasons on wooden handles. Raw materials are natural wood. Each handle set may differ from each other. The stems will appear as close to the photo as possible.

   Important Notice: This listing is for handles only. It is not for an active part of the gun that helps it shoot.

   Production and shipping times for a clutch set average 1 to 4 working days. International delivery time is 5 to 7 working days after shipping.


Hello. I am looking for some wood grips for my Sar (Sarsilmaz 2000). I see that you have some grips for some SAR Arms but I am unsure if any of your wood grips would fit my exact pistol. This pistol looks alot like a CZ Clone, perhaps a CZ 75 B. Do you have grips that will fit this model I am speaking of? I could send a few photo's of the pistol but I am not sure if that would be sufficient for you to identify which of your grips would be an exact fit. Please let me know, Thank you, Jeff 480.729.3970
Of course we can do most of your design requests. We have grips suitable for CZ 75B. Please send an e-mail to for your special requests. Regards
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